22 June 2014 13 July 2014

the Venetian artist Sonia Ros  arrives in Spoleto with a dual exhibition at the MAD Museum and the historic Galleria POLId'ARTE. Her works will be on display in the Spoleto from June20th until August 3th 2014. Sonia Ros Just concluded her personal exhibition at the Carlo Bilotti Museum, in Rome's Villa Borghes Orangery. The inauguration will be saturday,June 21 in the beautiful setting of Umbria's MAD Museum in Campello sul Clitunno. The Second inauguration will be Sunday 29 June,in via Duomo 27, the center of Spoleto, at the historic Gallery Galleria POLId'Arte. The works in the exhibitions impact one visually and emotionally. Strong color contrasts, well-defined figures,from shades of gray to black, the painted scenes can be defined as anti - narrative; whichleads to weightless bodies.That represent an explosion, and implosion, which completes with object of desire, whether it be organic. The dynamics of the body,its complexity,the obsessions,which one can perceive,have become the undeniable focus, and by using oil colors on the canvas, this technique is able  to transmit the urgency, wich the artist seeks. The work are characterized by the eternal conflict between  subject and object, between perceptions and perceived on the one hand and the illusory dichotomy abstraction-figuration on the other hand. Memnranes biomorphic organic shapes  and floral, mineral,mechanical prostheses, partes,parts of our body are just some of the figures that make up the the " creatures" laid on the canvas in a  contemporary landscape inhabited by  new creatures, clones, hybridis and genetic figures: moved to an almost impossible -awaited incarnation.